Friday, April 18, 2008

2008 Miss Jamaica Universe, April Jackson

It was a shocked audience that received the announcement of April Jackson as Miss Jamaica Universe 2008 last Saturday night at the National indoor Sports Centre.
It was either second runner-up Rebecca Silvera or first runner-up Doneika Plowright, who were crowd favourites from the beginning, who the audience expected to be Miss Jamaica Universe. Cries of boos, 'mi vex' and 'what!' resounded as Jackson took home the title, a BMW motor car and $1 million among other prizes. The packed venue began to walk out during the sashing of the new queen. Jackson, who was voted 'most aware', was also amazed and elated to have won. She told The Gleaner, "I'm overwhelmed, tears were coming to my eyes, but I held them back."
The new queen plans to focus on community service during her reign as she prepares for the finals in Vietnam. Before the announcement, 25 contestants vied for the title in a four-hour long competition. The ladies paraded in swimsuits by the Mushroom as well as evening growns by Uzuri in mainly light shades with lots of sparkles. Entertainment was provided by the likes of A2O, who impressed with their voices as they wooed the women with I'll Take You There and Smile for Me.
Crazy audience
After a brief intermission, the much-anticipated performance by Grammy nominated artiste Keyshia Cole had the audience going crazy as persons stood up in the stands while those in VIP stood on their chairs to see the stage, which was bombarded by patrons from the stands. The security was lacking at the front but Cole's bodyguards kept a close eye on the tiny star. Cole, dressed in white, was lively, dancing with her male back-up dancers to Should Have Let You Go, Over and Over, I Changed My Mind, Let It Go, Last Night and the hugely popular Love. As Cole closed with Love, a few overzealous female fans tried to grab her off the stage but her bodyguards swooped in and removed the artiste.
The question-and-answer section of the show saw a few blunders being made by Adrianna Bryan, who the audience booed, as well as Francine Hall. Sectional prizes were given to Jeseka Williams for the Bling Bling's Style Award, most photographic went to Rebecca Silvera, best in swimsuits to Adrianna Bryan and most congenial went to Doneika Plowright.
Zahra Redwood made her final appearance, looking beautiful in a white gown, just before crowning April Jackson as the new queen. While the National Indoor Sports Centre was rammed packed, this being the first staging of the competition there, there were still a few staging and organisational mishaps that had members of the audience complaining. These included a lack of security and a very long show, among others.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday's Coulmn

Tastee Sells 'Touch-Chicken'

If you are hungry and crave for patties, by all means visit any Tastee resturaunt and knock yourself out. but by any chances, one may feel for fried chicken? I sugguest that you find another place to eat, especially the Tastee's branch at Three Miles. They are JamRock top worst place to eat fried chicken. Other day, we confirmed this by buying a 2piece fried chicken combo meal. After been served, we noticed after our firsted bite, the chicken inside was red. It tastee terrible awful, so i returned it and request a different peiece of fried chicken. After a few talks with the supervisor, another piece of fried chicken was brought back to me, and i returned to me seat. But to my surprize, after my first bite again, the chicken tasted and looked like the other one before. This was my third incident like this, same branch. My frastrations led me to purchase a cheese patty and left in dismay.

Pregnant US man defends right to have child

Thomas Beatie, a US man who was born female, underwent gender realignment surgery and is now pregnant, has sparked renewed debate in the United States about the rights of transgender individuals. His unusual situation first became public when he wrote an article in the leading US gay magazine The Advocate last month, entitled "Labor of Love."

"Our situation sparks legal, political, and social unknowns," the man, adding the couple had experienced opposition from health care professionals, friends and family.
One doctor refused to treat the couple, after consulting an ethics board.
"How does it feel to be a pregnant man? Incredible. Despite the fact that my belly is growing with a new life inside me, I am stable and confident being the man that I am," Beatie wrote.
While some have come out in support of Beatie's right to bear a child, and decried the discrimination that Beatie and other transgender individuals are up against, others have been less supportive.
"Seriously, how selfish Beatie is. He is not able to breastfeed, guaranteed, which is the single, most important thing you can do for your child nutrition-wise," said one letter-writer in the Advocate.
"It's called 'childbirth' and it is a 'female' thing -- not a 'male' thing. Period," wrote another.
"If I choose to not have 'bottom' surgery and keep my original genitals intact, as far as I'm concerned I've chosen to simply present as male, not become a male," said the writer, identified as Alicia "Joey" Brite.
But Robert Haaland, a female-to-male activist, said he believed most Americans were comfortable with the idea of Beatie bearing a child.
"The Beatie pregnancy is simply the Beaties' way of using the reproductive choices that were available to them. Most Americans can understand that," he wrote in The Advocate.

MySpace Online Service Deals

MySpace, which has lured millions of big acts and garage bands alike to build profiles on the popular social networking hub to attract fans, said on Thursday it will turn those pages into portals for selling music, merchandise and more.
Helping back the new MySpace Music are three of the biggest recording companies - Vivendi SA's Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group Corp.
Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed, but each of the music companies will receive an unspecified equity stake in the new company, said Chris DeWolfe, MySpace co-founder and chief executive.
The fourth-largest music company, EMI Group PLC, is not part of the deal.
DeWolfe said MySpace is in licensing talks with 'everyone' but declined to say where discussions stand with EMI, home to artistes such as Coldplay and Norah Jones.
MySpace Music, which will roll out gradually in coming months, will enable artistes to sell music downloads, concert tickets and merchandise such as T-shirts through their profile pages and to offer ringtones through a unit of MySpace parent News Corp.
"We believe that the Web is becoming increasingly more social," DeWolfe said during a conference call. "MySpace Music is a new way of experiencing music online that everyone can participate in."
Fans also will be able stream audio and video for free through musical artistes' profile pages.
sale of tracks
DeWolfe said some tracks will be sold without copy-protection safeguards but noted that the major labels had committed only to experimenting with offering content in an unrestricted format.
Selling music without the copy protections that make such tracks incompatible with Apple Inc's iPod music players could place MySpace Music in direct competition with existing digital music stores such as Apple's iTunes,, Napster Inc and others, analysts said.
"It's definitely got a lot of potential to it, but how much it really changes the game is yet to be determined," said Michael Gartenberg, vice-president and research director for JupiterResearch. "This is one of those important events in the history of digital music and it has a lot of potential going forward."
MySpace may also be looking for ways to maintain its lead on rival social network Facebook, which has been gaining in popularity.
MySpace is in licensing talks with 'everyone' but declined to say where discussions stand with EMI, home to artistes such as Coldplay and Norah Jones.

Ken Boothe & Winston 'Merritone' Blake for 'Lifetime Achievement Awards'

International singer/songwriter Ken Boothe and musicologist Winston 'Merritone' Blake are to be presented with 'Lifetime Achievement Awards' at Boothe's 60th birthday bash, that is being planned by Winner's Circle & WB Radio on Saturday, April 12th 2008 at Mangoville in Queens, NY.
"Ken has contributed significantly to the popularity of reggae and rocksteady music over the years. He demands respect for taking Jamaican/Caribbean culture to musical heights" said event promoter Conroy Allison of Winner's Circle Radio. Regarding Winton Blake, Allison said, "many people may not even be aware that the Merritone Amateur Talent contest was where acts like Beres Hammond, The Mighty Diamonds, Cynthia Schloss, Sugar Minott and even Jacob 'Killer' Miller got their break in the reggae industry." In a musical career that spans over 40th years, Boothe made his mark during the golden doo-wop / Rocksteady era. He garnered international notoriety, with hit songs "When I Fall In Love," "Every Thing I Own," "Artibella" and "Movin Away." He re-ignited his career when he teamed with Shaggy on a remake of his popular single "The Train Is Coming." The song garnered mainstream airplay and was featured on the soundtrack of the movie "The Money Train" starring Wesley Snipes. The legendary Winston Blake has for more than fifty years made an impact on the Jamaican music industry as sound system operator, club owner and organizer of the popular Merritone Amateur Talent contest. Ten years ago he was given The Order of Distinction, Officer Class for his contribution to Jamaica's entertainment industry. Among Boothe friends who will fly in specifically for the occasion are John Holt, Leroy Sibbles, Winston 'Merritone' Blake, Tony Brevitte of the Melodians and Ed Robinson. All the artists will take turns at the mic in what should be a very lively and entertaining birthday celebration. Backing band for all the acts will be New York based Ruff Stuff Band.

JamRock Saturday's Column

Mavado: Jamaica's Next International Superstar

Uno tell me, Bob Marley, one of the first to bring reggae across di seas.. him sons dem follow him, The Marleys. Uno see Shaggy rise and bring Dancehall pon him back, Sean paul come and help him, Elephant man and Wayne Wonder too share in the movement along with couple other dancehall and reggae artises dem bringing it to the frontline of music genre across the globe

So a who next? ...mi feel a Mavado next. The 'gangsta fi life' a.k.a. 'Gully God'

check di levels, from year 2005 him buss... name one tune whey flop fi him? from him attain status as a big artist inna di bizniz, tell mi a show him perform whey him nuh get countless fwd, uh? ...answer mi nuh?
him produce countless a hits and him name rise inna di music fraternity til' him tek over the local scene too quick nuh would agree, Mavado marsh up jamaica with him voice, him dark and violent gun songs dem, contsantly inna the press... so wha him do next?

Flight out, yea... UK tour did sell off, mi friends dem a cuss mi... "how mi never tell dem bout that new artist ya, him bad". Seet deh, sold out shows inna Englan, plus him hits climb dem chart like ants pant tree, heehee!

So wha else him do?

Album buss! and just bare things a gwaan fi him. Mi luv how him threat the caribbean like a tropical storm... him jus past through a marsh it up lyrical (even thought likkle tension reach him inna couple islands). But nonetheless, a it him sing bout so guess a likkle demonstration did affi gwaan.

So what else hi fi do now?

Whey u think? Attack US, des suh di real money mek pon music, so why not! and the yute a do just that, big remix tune with Jay-z, "On The Rock". And the best thing bout tha remix deh is, a Jay come outta the blue and feel fi drop sumthing pon that. Seet deh! Jay-z hear Mavado tune and immediately want piece a it. a bare things. Mavado now even have collaborations with artist like Wyclef and one with Foxy Brown, name "We on Fire".

Seet deh! Mavado a steady a climb to the top, and if u think a that alone... 'Hissteeth' a more things a gwaan fi di artist. Is like VP Records just see the potential the artist have fi mek it as a top selling Dancehall act, suh dem start fi sort out him promotion and even a go do a top quality video by a top Hip-Hop music video director even though him album awready inna stores.

Plus a nuff more a gwaan inna him career, and we from JamRock a wish him di best as you a go through the likke idiot vibes about been arrested and charge for shooting with intend and illegal procession of firearm. He is out of jail on a $200,000.oo bail and his travelling documents seized.

and another thing, VP Records fi do a new ablum fi the artist, just add back the tunes dem whey stand out and jus use him most newest tunes dem. And 'On the Rock' feat. Jay-z fi dem pon it if uno really want fi promote him.

JamRock Views.

Red Stripe Cancel Sponsorships On Up Coming Shows

Jamaican beer company, Red Stripe, says it will not sponsor several upcoming stage shows in Jamaica because of increasingly violent lyrics and the violent incidents involving dancehall musicians.
The company has withdrawn, by some estimates, up to US$2 million in sponsorship from concert sponsorship including the popular "Reggae Sumfest" and "Sting" reggae shows. Musicians are glorifying violence in what has become a worrisome trend, the company said in a statement Friday.

Several Jamaican musicians have been criticized abroad for their violent and anti-gay lyrics, including Vybz Kartel and Mavado, who is currently facing charges of shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm.

Red Stripe is owned by British food and drink company Diageo, which bought it about a decade ago from Jamaica's Desnoes and Geddes.

source: JAbulletin

Friday, April 4, 2008

Naomi Campbell Ejected Off Plane

Naomi Campbell was arrested at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 on Thursday for allegedly spitting at a police officer, Sky News reported.

Police said a 37-year-old woman was arrested at the terminal on suspicion of assaulting police. The Metropolitan Police spokesman refused to identify the woman, or say whether the incident took place inside the terminal or aboard a plane. He spoke on condition of anonymity, in line with police policy.

Campbell's publicist in Los Angeles, Jeff Raymond, wrote in an e-mail that Campbell was flying to Los Angeles for a Thursday memorial service. He said she checked two bags in at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 with plenty of time to spare and was told they would make the flight. He said once on the plane, however, Campbell was told one of her bags was missing.

Raymond said British Airways decided to resolve the situation by insisting Campbell leave the flight, and then called police to forcibly eject her from the airplane.
"So far as we are aware B.A. have still failed to offer any explanation as to why her bag went missing at Terminal 5," Raymond wrote

In January 2007, Campbell pleaded guilty in New York City to misdemeanor assault for throwing her cell phone at her maid in a dispute over a missing pair of jeans. She was ordered to do community service and attend a two-day anger-management program.

Campbell pleaded guilty in Toronto in 2000 to an assault charge for beating an assistant while making a film in Canada in 1998. Under an agreement with prosecutors, Campbell expressed remorse and was released without punishment or a criminal record.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Married

Crazy in love" couple Jay-z and
Beyoncé Knowles remained mum on their marriage on Sunday, but Mary J. Blige confirmed the nuptials to thousands of cheering hip-hop fans.

Hip-hop's royal couple, who supposedly traded "I do's" on the rooftop of Jay-Z's Tribeca pad Friday, are rumored to be planning a coming-out party this week.

But Blige, who's on tour with Jay-Z, couldn't wait to break the news onstage Saturday night at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina. "Congratulations to my man, Jay-Z, and my girl, B," Blige told the soldout crowd, dedicating her song "You're All I Need" to the couple.

Jay-Z himself played it cool, teasing the crowd with a few notes of "Crazy in Love," the song he and Beyoncé recorded together in 2003.
Jay-Z, 38, whose real name is Shawn Carter, refused to say anything about the end of his bachelorhood.

The Brooklyn-born rap mogul rushed back to North Carolina after reportedly partying until dawn Saturday with wedding guests who included Beyoncé's Destiny's Child pals Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The couple, who have been dating since 2002, are said to be postponing a honeymoon until his tour wraps up next month and she finishes filming the Etta James biopic "Cadillac Man."


Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Views: Carnival Parade a Big Turn Off

Mi nah lie nor mi nah fabricate nothing, but Jamaica Carnival road march seems like it 'pop dung'.

Is Jamaica losing passion for Carniavl on a hold?

Carnival parade, what comes to mind? Patrons enjoying themselves dancing to the sound of Soca music playing from moving trucks and colourful attractively designed costumes. Well, for this year Jamaica Carnival 2008, my question is where were the costumes?

While watching each sponsoring truck with pumping Soca music passed, i began to notice that costumes were in a state of non-existance. There was just a handful of costumes for one to see.

I remember Carnival parades with patrons part-taking in dancing and wearing costumes, sometimes these costumes were large, heavy beautifully decorated monster-looking costumes. Each group trying to prevail as the best at the parade. Where is that passion today?

But to make all this even worst, is the fact of seeing majority of the supporters of this event attire themself as the event was kept in their backyard. It's disturbing to see patrons leaving home in something you would consider fit enough to wear no further than your gate. Yes, it's a parade... yes, you're gonna get sweaty and dirty after, but still, look decent nuh before uno come out. Many patrons were seen in dirty merinos, dirty shirts, tear up stocking, dirty "cut-off foot" jeans and flip-flops slippers.

Just the dress code of patrons pose a turn off for me. But big up to all supporters that did look proper and hot inna dem costumes. The parade did kick off alright.


Lifestyles :: Pick up lines - do they actually work?

Men, you ever see a beautiful female approaching and you feel the need to get her attention? Apart from pppssssssttttttin'.... like a gas station air pump, which i've come to terms to understand that females really finds it rather annoying and immature. So what one should do or say to a complete stranger to let her know that she can feel secure, comfortable and most importantly, get her to like you?

We turned to 'Pick up lines', but do they really aid the situation or just makes it worst?

Pickup lines rarely work. Ask any female and she will tell you that pickup lines are a bad way to go about meeting women. But you do need to start somewhere, and for better or worse, anything you say will come across as a pickup line.
Regardless of what women say, opening lines should be funny, witty, original, and sincere. They should not be crude, demeaning, insulting, condescending, or have overtly sexual connotations. Sounds like a tall order to fill?
So Jamrock asked random people to give they takes on pick-up lines

Raquel - 19 yrs, student -Exced Community College.

JV: Do u normally hear pick up lines when being appoarch by males?
Raquel: yea
JV:what is your reaction towards hearing these lines being used?
Raquel: sometimes im amused and at times i'm jus disgusted
JV:do u believe in pick up lines or they just icebreakers for convos?
Raquel: in some cases its an icebreaker, but in others it jus expressin' how di person does feel
JV: what u hate about pick up lines used my flirting males?
Raquel: its corny and annoying
JV: could you quote us an example of a corny pick-up line?
Raquel: "if u were a bogger i would pick you first", "..i didnt kno dat angels were on earth", "... ur feet must be tired because you've been runnin through my mind all day long"
JV: so finally... let hear your overview of pick-up lines?
Raquel: its nice sumtimes but guys should kno wat 2 say n how 2 say it to girls, cause it could just be what starts a perfect relationship and it can also be dat one thing that makes the girl hate you from that day forward.
JV: ok, let's hear a male point of view on the subject.

De'Ano -18yrs, student - PreUWI

JV: do u use pick up lines when engaged in convo with females?De'Ano: bun pick up lines
JV: hahaa what u normally say to a pretty miss u like and probably seeing her for the first time?
De'Ano: well i would start a convo by telling her how she looks and that im admiring her and would like to know her some more
JV: avoiding pick up lines made your chances of winning females hearts easilier?
De'Ano: yeh i think so cuz they will just think you're immature
JV: what you hate about pick up lines?
De'Ano: no matter which style or wah di lady dem still nuh find it interesting
JV:so finally... let's hear your overview of pick-up lines?
De'Ano: well i think its not a good thing to use wen approaching females becauze the ladies gonna think dats wat u say to other females.
JV: ok thanks, that will be all.
- Well without further ado, here are the best pickup lines so far -- do not try these at home.
Top 5 best Pick-up lines:

Number 5
"I may not be the best-looking guy in here, but I'm the only one talking to you."Believe it or not, only good-looking guys should use this one, since they'll be viewed as modest. If a guy uses this and he is ugly, then it's a sign of insecurity, which is a huge a turnoff. Generally, this line passes because it proves that the guy is down-to-earth. It will surely throw her off guard as she might get offended. Use with caution.

Number 4
"You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy."If you ever spot an attractive woman and would like to approach her, this line is funny in a childish manner and women tend to laugh off funny lyrics such as this one.

Number 3
"What's your name?"Instead of saying something like, "baby, we're like two banks: we both have interest in each other and we should merge," this one is simple and will not insult her intelligence. It may be the oldest one in the book (well, "come here often?" takes that award), but this one is genuine and direct -- two important qualities.

Number 2
"See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I'm cute."Extremely original, this line will make you stand out from the pack. This line virtually guarantees that she will smile. You may not leave with her that night, but you may get her phone number or at least chat it up for a while.

Number 1
"So what haven't you been told tonight?"Very original, this line will make you stand out from the other men. You acknowledge that she has been getting hit on all night and you do not wish to add to her frustration. However, you are confident and interested enough to try your luck without insulting your intelligence.